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Raise the Bar to What you Deserve

When it comes to athletes and entertainers defining their financial success, the threshold has been set too low. We’ve all heard the horror stories – incredible success followed quickly by financial ruin. In fact, a study cited by Sports Illustrated in 2009 (1) found that approximately 78% of all NFL players are bankrupt or in financial […]

You made it first. Now make it last.

The Magic Six P’s of Success

Problem: Poor planning – short/medium/long-range goals You may be familiar with the acronym “6 P’s”: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. You may have even used this yourself to help advance your career. In your financial life, the 6 P’s are essential to promote long-term strategy, goal setting, and success. Proper financial planning begins with […]

NCAA is Changing the Game

Less than a month after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law the Fair Pay to Play Act, the NCAA switched course and decided that it will allow student-athletes to receive compensation for their likeness, name, and image, signaling a major departure from its previous stance. Amateurism has long been a core tenet of the […]

You made it first. Now make it last.